Coverage For Your Hemp

This is the only hemp crop coverage available in every state, in every county, without contingencies or restrictions and at any coverage level/acre. It uses a best-in-class agronomic model to account for the full growing season, translating the effects of conditions most important for your hemp crop (temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, soils, and more) to expected production, giving you the best protection against weather based production loss.

This coverage is: 1) AFFORDABLE: 12% rate online covers your entire growing season 2) FLEXIBLE: free from restrictions and insurable price limits, and 3) RELIABLE: provides the best true protection against weather related production losses

Sales closing will follow the schedule below according to planting date:

Sales Close Planting Date
May 5th May 15th
May 22nd June 1st
June 5th June 15th
June 21st July 1st
July 5th July 15th
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IMPORTANT: These sheets are for informational purposes only, and provide absolutely no guarantee policies will be offered consistent with the figures presented in these sheets, or at all. Please check with your insurance agent or DCIS representative for official policy terms.

Features of the Product

  • Coverage for all counties in the continental US where it is legal to grow hemp
  • Unlimited coverage amounts per acre
  • Choose from five different planting dates (May 15 - July 15)
  • Choice of irrigated vs. non-irrigated
  • Flat rate on-line of 12% for all policies

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Praedictus Climate Solutions

Praedictus Climate Solutions (PCS) is an advanced agricultural forecasting company. We enable clients to more accurately model and forecast the combined impacts of weather, technology, environmental conditions, and climate changes on crop yields globally. Our proprietary pSIMS technology powers the innovative Parametric Hemp Production coverage being introduced in 2020.

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Diversified Crop Insurance Services is a fast-growing, innovative crop insurance company focused on providing excellent customer service to our customers. Our staff and agents have a deep understanding of, and an appreciation for, the challenges and concerns that each producer and farm manager face every day.

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How It All Works

  • It's parametric: The policy is constructed and settled based on a best-in-class agronomic model
  • It's history-making: The model, through simulations, recreates historical growing seasons and the current growing season to determine payout amounts
  • It's intelligent: The model intelligently incorporates reams of the best available data on things that matter most for your hemp crop (e.g. temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, soils, topography), realistically capturing how all these variables fit together with the hemp plant's lifecycle and growth habits

Diversified Crop Insurance Services, DBA CGB Diversified Services Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Provider.